Saturday, 9 August 2014

Bears on the Plain

Actually I think the Cheshire Plain is much more Nantwich way,very flat over there.  This ride was just to prove we have hills in Cheshire too.  Another new cafe - although 1 year old and I have been here a couple of times - but new for the ladies ride.  It is also a little further but as it is August and still technically summer I thought it would be worth the extra miles and hills!

It was.

Holidays meant that although the weather was going to be nice, numbers were still manageable - a cosy 17 of us, split into two groups this month.  

Super Alex

Alex led a faster group, they headed off around Beeston.  We nearly did too, as I became a  little confused just after the ice cream farm; but soon rectified it.

We headed pretty much straight out, along the cycle path on the A41 to cross the A51 at the lights, and then cross to Pearl Lane and over the main road.  Christleton, Waverton (some mad hat drivers out today - had to pass the cyclists even though their turning is coming up.  No close ones though).  After passing rocky Trail, Martins Lane to Hargrave, and then towards Tattenhall, turning off by the ice cream farm.  

First climb - not a hill but a bridge over A55

Through Christleton

horses near Waverton
(you will need to squint at this as it is a bit blurry!)

another climb - but not a hill, bridges
over railway and canal

As we skirted Tattenhall, we started to climb towards Burwardsley (signposted the Candle Factory); actually quite a gentle pleasant incline.

lovely views to Helsby Hill

We waited a little for one lady (recent hip replacement, so doing very well!), but still made it before the faster group (so I could get the last heart-shaped cherry bakewell!)

Don't you just love our Cheshire countryside!  

Climbing hills brings its own rewards in the form of fabulous views - the great thing about the teddy bear cafe (apart from very speedy service) is they have a marvellous decked balcony terrace area, with super views across to Chester and North Wales.

Another grand thing about climbing hills is the downhill afterwards!  And heading right out of the cafe gave us several fast drops past Harthill and into Tattenhall.

From here we headed to Bruera (crossing the A41 again, and meeting a  racing club going the other way) and Saighton - another little hill but with one of my favourite views across to North Wales with Eaton Tower nestled in the trees.

After a suitable drop back down to Huntington, I led the remaining ladies through Caldy Valley nature park, because it is nice!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Anti-Clockwise round Beeston

Having visited a cafe near Beeston Castle in Aug 2011 , this is part two!  In those 'early' days I was pleased to have 8 riders out.

There was some discourse between leaders on the Friday before the ride, as two of us had been on holiday and I was not sure if the tea van I had in mind was still open.  Nicky kindly rode out in the week preceeding and had let them know so that sealed it - they were obviously ready and waiting for us.....

I also had not been able to email out or even create an event on facebook before the ride, so would also be interested to see how many would remember.  I did post a reminder on facebook, and some did email me to ask if there was a ride.  23 riders (plus Jane found us on the lanes, and Nosheen found us at Beeston - no surprise there!)

You don't have to wear pink....but it helps!

Three groups again this month, with Kath leading the faster further, Nicky the slow and steady and I had regular with newbies.

Take care when crossing - everyone
is responsible for themselves

And don't duck out of my photos....

....or I will make you hold the gate lol!!!!
Beautiful July sunshine, very warm.  Lovely lanes as ever, although I note a lot of nettles wavering on the edges.  

Beeston is a very notable and iconic landmark to head for across the Cheshire lanes.  It affords fantastic views and is well worth a visit.  This time I headed out through Tattenhall, then doubled back round to approach from the usual easterly angle.  It always gives marvellous views of Beeston Castle as you get closer, until it disappears in the woods and you skirt around the base.  Bit of an uphill climb, but then you turn in and find the tea van.

Unfortunately, despite warning that there may be up to 30 of us, it took a rather dismal 45 minutes to get everyone's orders in and sorted.  Very nice coffee, and lovely picnic area (but you do need a nice day!).
The cafe/ tea van is on the Sandstone Trail.

Lots of outdoor picnic tables - apparently
will have parasols next week...

..and ample bike parking!

Everyone split a little, as time was ticking on.  The Rossett girls headed off with Jane towards

Clutton and Wales; a few headed to the Ice cream farm - just too temptingly near!  Nosheen and Shanti had the day so set off (who knows where!).  Kath seemed to retain her group, but I was down to four and Nicky also had four.
Returning via Huxley, Nicky carried on to the 50p shop where the toilet was a useful stop off.  

Slow 'n' steady - 25 miles (24.8 says Nicky!)
Regular ride - 27 miles
Faster Further -

Monday, 23 June 2014

Published - again!

I was approached a wee while back by a publication, looking for ladies over 50 to be interviewed for an insurance magazine.  Not being old enough myself (!), I asked the ladies, and Collette volunteered.

Posted on facebook, 3rd May:

When I responded to a request,sent to the Fab Ladies Cycling Group, for a lady in her mid-fifties to answer some questions for a magazine article, I didn't envisage having to take part in a 'photo shoot' (their terminology not mine!) at 8.00am on a Saturday morning. And no it wasn't a Calendar Girls style session ! I took Mick with me as my PR Manager - haha, but he was more interested in the equipment - pardon mrs??? 

and today an email came from Collette:

Hi Sue

Here's the magazine article. The write up isn't exactly what I said but I suppose they can practise artistic licence as journalists 

There is a link to the Fab Ladies site so they kept that part of the bargain.

I am not sure where Collette goes following our rides to enjoy a glass of wine - but there is an idea!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Fabulous Fifty

This Sunday, to mark the end of Bike Week, the annual Liverpool to Chester rides take place.  In the last year or so they have also offered a 50 mile round Cheshire.  Some of our ladies took part...

Post ride smoothie following a
very hilly Chester Challenge ride

I do declare - that is our Janet from our sister group Wirral Bicycle Belles!!!!!

Facebook chat.....